Pine Needle Basketry - Ancient Art Form Resurrected    

                                                                 FROM  YARD  TRASH  TO   HEIRLOOM  TREASURE


       Call or email for information on ordering baskets.  With the exception of "small stuff", all items below are appx. 5 inches wide and have a decorative center.


      From needles of Georgia Long Needle Pine........................... TO HEIRLOOM TREASURE                                       




To this......o1$

                                            $    $105.00                                       $90.00                                              Sold                              $95.00  (sold)                          $75.00





                                                          $95.00                                               $95.00                                        $125.00                                         $105.00



                                                         $95.00                                                   $200.00                                               $95.00                              $95.00








                                   386-672-9950             FAX 386-615-8151



My baskets are currently sold in Museum of Florida Art in Deland, Florida;  Cummer Museum in Jacksonville, Florida; 

Artistic Hand Gallery, Oveido, Florida;  Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, Florida; 

Craftsman Gallery, Stephen Foster Memorial, White Springs, Florida. They can also be special ordered from me.